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Наш местный руководящий орган
Губернаторы регулярно посещают школу, чтобы встретиться и поговорить с детьми и персоналом. У нас в школе каждый семестр проводится День губернатора, когда они посещают уроки, проводят обсуждения с учениками, проводят проверку работы и встречаются с родителями и учителями. Они также посещают мероприятия и собрания в школе. Это позволяет им видеть, как реализуются школьная политика и планы, как используются ресурсы, а также позволяет им собирать информацию и знания о школе.

Наши управляющие — это разношерстная группа лиц, представляющих родителей, школьный персонал и местное сообщество, с широким спектром навыков и опыта. Все они разделяют общую цель – помочь школе развиваться и совершенствоваться и, таким образом, предоставить своим детям наилучшее возможное образование.

Все губернаторы являются добровольцами.

Местный орган управления собирается не реже одного раза в срок. Губернаторы посещают обучение, проводимое за пределами организации, а также каждый семестр посещают «внутреннее» обучение представителей местного самоуправления. Наш исполняющий обязанности председателя Рэйчел Проктор также периодически встречается с руководителями других школ Thrive.

Обязанности губернатора
Школа разрабатывает «Путь развития школы» (SDJ), в котором подробно описываются ключевые приоритеты для улучшения в течение следующих трех лет и то, как они будут достигнуты.  Губернаторы работают вместе с персоналом для обеспечения достижения этих ключевых приоритетов. Губернаторы работают в тесном сотрудничестве с персоналом над «тремя большими идеями», которые представляют собой три ключевых элемента работы по улучшению, которые были определены в SDJ.

Governors Attendance 2023-24

Brian Comerford 

Role: Chair of Governors
Business Interests: None

I became Chair of Governors at Primary Priory School in 2022, after a short period as a co-opted governor. I am also a Community Governor at the Ormiston Maritime Academy in Grimsby. 

I left full-time employment at nearby Ideal Standard in spring 2020 after 36 years. Where I worked in the Marketing Department gaining extensive experience working in team leadership roles developing coaching and training capabilities. Prior to this I spent a couple years working for the Health Education Centre of the East Dorset Health Authority.


A member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Society of Designers.

Joe Tomlinson  

Role: Vice Chair of Governors
Business Interests: None

As a lifelong resident of Hull my education journey took me from Gillshill Primary School to the city’s University. I have always had a keen interest and passion for playing sport running in tandem with this and in my working life, have been able to combine the two, which has proven hugely fulfilling.

Initially working as a PE Coordinator and teacher at Collingwood Primary School, I moved on to undertake a variety of roles at The Football Association supporting children and the teachers and coaches who work with them. I now lead Physical Foundations in helping a variety of schools develop their Physical Education Curriculum and activity offer.

As a governor I enjoy seeing and supporting the way that Priory engages, empowers and embeds it’s curriculum and many other aspects of school life to its community.

Alyson Thompson   

Role: Head of School
Business Interests: None

Tracey Parkinson    

Role: Co-opted Governor
Business Interests: None

I’ve been a member of Priory Primary’s Governing Body for the last 13 years. I worked at the school for almost 20 years as a Teaching Assistant, based across various year groups before deciding to take early retirement in December 2021. I live locally and both of my adult sons went to Priory and I feel that the school is at the heart of the local community. Since retiring, I have become a volunteer at the school, helping and supporting in various roles. I enjoy being a part of the school’s ongoing success and hope to continue my Governor role well into the future.

Ann Matthews    

Role: Staff Governor
Business Interests: None

I am the staff governor for Priory Primary School. My role in school is the Pastoral Lead/DDSL. I have served on the governing body of Priory for several years. I am also the link governor for SEN. I have worked in education since 1997 in a variety of roles and schools and I believe my experience of these means that I have a deeper understanding of the barriers faced in education and the ways forward. I have previously served on governing bodies in a previous school, where I served on personnel and exclusion panels.

Jayne Russell     

Role: Co-opted Governor
Business Interests: None

I have been a Governor at Priory Primary School for about 25 years. I became a member of the Governing Body just after my eldest son started the school - both my sons attended Priory. I have seen a lot of changes in the role of being a Governor over the years. I enjoy being part of the running of the school and being able to contribute to the schools successes. I have worked for the Department of Work and Pensions for 32 years as an Executive Officer, I work in one of the local Job Centres as a Work Coach and sometimes the transferable skills of my job role and that of a Governor is valuable. I also have links within the local community as I am a Beaver Scout Leader at the local Church.

Ellie Hodder      

Role: Parent Governor
Business Interests: None

I am a parent governor at Priory Primary School, my son attends the school and I have strong links to the local community, having grown up in the area. I work in the education sector and I am educated to BA(Hons) resulting in having a number of transferrable skills in relation to the business, management and financial aspects of school life. I will challenge and ask questions confidently to ensure compliance and probity.

Priory have a strong team of governors who I will work with collaboratively to ensure the children experience the best possible education and gain the best possible outcomes.

Janet Woodmansey      

Role: Parent Governor
Business Interests: None

I have three adult children and whilst they were at school I was parent Governor. I now have three grandchildren, two at Priory Primary and another to come and feel I have the time to give to the school governor team. I have my grandchildren on a daily school term basis as Mum is a teacher, we bring them to school/nursery and collect them: often caring for them on non-school days too. I have an interest in their education and the life of the school.

My work history has been two spells as a Police Constable including Vulnerable Victim Officer and Child Interviewer, I was also Safeguarding representative at my local church for a while. I am educated to BA(Hons) and did a postgraduate submission for Chartered Librarian. This was my last post before retiring, working in an adult male prison.

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