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All our children are buzzing with excitement for learning; they enjoy the feeling of success, develop confidence, and become active and responsible citizens.

Welcome to Priory Primary School 

Welcome to our school

Welcome to Priory Primary School’s website. We are a large primary school situated in the west of the City of Hull.  We are part of the Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust along with 6 other primary schools and 2 secondary schools.

We are a school which is committed to providing an exciting, challenging, connected curriculum which supports lifelong learning, physical and emotional well-being and encourages all our children to have high aspirations for their future. 

We work with the whole school community to provide a welcoming, safe and caring environment. Currently we are working hard to reestablish our usual routines in school following the disruption of the pandemic while continuing to ensure that we operate safely and follow our new risk assessments to mitigate the risk of the virus spreading in our school community.

If children are unable to be at school at this time because they have tested positive for COVID, but are well enough to work, we offer remote learning through Google Classroom. This is as closely aligned to the classroom  curriculum as possible. Children will be offered access to dongles to provide internet access and a device if they do not have this available at home. If a child is entitled to Free School Meals this is also available. 

Working in partnership with parents is crucial as together we can ensure your child feels safe, valued and happy. We are looking forward to being able to invite parents into school again when it is safe to do so and until that time we are very responsive to emails, to our admin address or the year group email addresses, and telephone calls. 

We welcome new children to our school. Please call the school if you would like further information.

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