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Coronavirus update

Yesterday the government announced that secondary schools should have some face-to-face sessions with Y10 pupils from June 1st.  

There are a variety of measures that are suggested by the government to make this safe for our staff and pupils.  I will now, with the leadership team first and then the wider staff, make a workable solution to enable pupils to return to school in a phased and safe manner – this will not mean that every pupil in Y10 will be in school together on June 1st, but there will be a much slower return with much smaller groups of Y10 pupils to ensure that we protect our staff, students and their families.  


Once I have a phased re-opening for Y10 pupils.  I will write to you and let you know how that will impact your daughter.  Please be assured that we are aware of the anxiety that may bring in terms of the safety of return and it will be with that in mind, that we will plan for the return.  It will not be quick, it will be phased and it will be reviewed at all points to ensure all of our safety. 


Below I have copied the information and provided a link for you to read yourself.


I will be in touch well before any expected time of return to ensure we all understand how the return will be managed to ensure the safety of all at NSG.